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Solar panels were placed atop the main building at Kappler, which manufacture protective garments, and went operational Friday.

Solar panels added to Kappler works

George Kappler hadn’t really thought about solar panels until he read a story about Southern Timberwrights adding them to its facilities at Signal Point. So Mr. Kappler, who owns a leading protective garment manufacturer of the same name, called Southern owner Larry Morris, got the name of the company who installed the panels and did some research. The numbers came up this way: the panels would pay for themselves in 5-6 years and they would save energy and money at the same time. “I read that article and thought that was pretty cool,’’ Mr, Kapler said. “I think this is the wave of the future.’’ He put in the paperwork to TVA to add the solar panels to the Kappler factory. They became fully operational last Friday.

In announcing the move, Kappler said it would move the company to “energy savings, becoming less oil dependent and giving us a smaller carbon footprint.’’ The electrical power generated by the panels will make up 15-20 percent of what Kappler uses. That power will be fed into Guntersville Electric and TVA’s power grid. The panels are placed on top of their building. “You can’t seem them,’’ Mr. Kappler said, “unless you’re in an airplane.’’




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