Courtney Lupton, a junior at Guntersville High School, won the coveted Best in Show award at the Congressional Art Show this year.

She was surprised to win. The contest was online this year due to COVID-19 precautions. Courtney started out watching the awards show but stopped watching to go to her job at Zaxby’s before her name was called as the Best in Show winner. It didn’t take long for Guntersville High art teacher Val Jones to get in touch with her and let her know.

Courtney did a colored pencil drawing of her older sister Clarissa Lupton for a school art assignment called “It’s All About The Light.”

“It took be about 2 months of work at school, 2 periods a day, to finish it,” Courtney said. “I’m pretty slow.”

She said her sister “really liked the picture.”

Courtney came to Guntersville High already very much trained in the arts. She was home schooled from the 3rd grade until the 10th grade, when she went to GHS. But her mother Bridgette Lupton and grandmother Vicki Smith are both artists, so art was very much part of her home schooling curriculum.

“My mom has always been very supportive of art and always had an art elective for me,” Courtney said.

Lots of people who saw her drawing said it looked like a painting.

“You can see the lines if you look,” Courtney said. “The layers are really packed on there though. I enjoy other mediums, but I definitely enjoy drawing.”

Art is Courtney’s favorite subject and she plans to study it in school. The Best in Show award comes with a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design but Courtney doesn’t know many of the details of that yet.

"It could end up helping me in my career," she said. "I'd like to be a graphic designer."

She’s also hopeful she can travel to Washington to see her piece hanging in the Capitol as past winners have had the privilege to do.

“The winners package includes 2 plane tickets and we’re going to buy some more so the whole family can go,” Courtney said.

She is the daughter of Leslie and Bridgette Lupton and has 2 sisters Clarissa and Chloe.

When she’s not working on art, Courtney enjoys kayaking and hanging out with her friends. She enjoys school in general and art in particular.


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