The Smell of Funny

This is the cover of local educator Matt West's newly written book, "The Smell of Funny." 

Albertville Middle School assistant principal Matt West enjoyed years of getting laughs from friends and family with his funny, online stories of everyday life-events.

His fans began asking him when he was going to write a book of these anecdotal tales. So finally, he did just that.

Entitled "The Smell of Funny," the book captures the subtle and not-so-subtle humor in the life of a husband, father, educator, coach and southern everyman. The short, punchy accounts range from trips to the doctor to fantasies of brawls at gas stations, all filtered through the author’s unique perspective of these ordinary or imagined events. The nearly 130 pages of humorous anecdotes provides the reader with either laugh-out-loud recognition of or amusing insight into everyday experiences or fantasies of life in the South.

“Friends ask me, ‘How do you think of this stuff?’” the author says. “The more important question is, ‘Why do I think of this stuff?’ It’s a bit like a curse. I just can’t help myself.”

How and why aside, readers of this book should just be glad the author did take the time to write his musings down. Somewhere inside this imaginative educator, one gets the impression of a stand-up comedian, but this was an experience the author says he did not enjoy. So the reader gets the comedy material without the stand-up comedian.

Book sales have been brisk, West said, and the book has gone into a second printing. Initially wary of putting in the time and effort to get his writings into book form, the author says the reception from the public has been worth it. “I really cannot believe how well the book has done around home,’” he said, bemused by his growing book sales.

"The Smell of Funny" was released in early June. For more information about this book or its author, contact Matt West by email at: The book can be purchased at

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