Everyday People

"Everyday People," a large ensemble with a large horn section, will be in concert Thursday evening at Errol Allan Park. 

Mountain Valley Arts Council will be hosting the local band Everyday People on Thursday, May 12, at Errol Allan Park in Guntersville at the corner of Taylor Street and Gunter Avenue from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

Concessions will be available as will order-ahead meals from restaurants in the Arts & Entertainment District.

Because of the members’ years of experience, a lot of friends from other bands sit in from time to time so you are bound to know some of them. The band is unique in that it features a 4-musician horn section which calls themselves the Mountain Valley Horns. You likely know a few of them.

Johnny Brewer is a former band director, a Whole Backstage arranger and producer, but he plays the baritone sax, trombone, and trumpet with the Mountain Valley Horns.

Robert Howard has played trombone for 40+ years including The PhDs, Persons of Interest, Section 8, and Albertville First Baptist Church (AFBC) orchestra.

Drew Garner play first trumpet and has played with several jazz ensembles including Section 8 Band and AFBC orchestra.

Jeff Baker is a legendary trumpet player starting in Albertville High School Band where he made his reputation as the man with the horn. He played with Southeastern Attraction popular band, Oasis from Birmingham in college and was a founding member of Persons of Interest and The PhDs.

Mike Rives, an Albertville native, will be a special guest sitting in on trombone and keyboards. He is a former Albertville Aggie Band member and Jax State Southerners trombonist. His career launched in the early 70s with Buddy Causey and Cross. He was also a founding member of Persons of Interest and Section 8 and is a keyboardist with The Bonaires who were featured at MVAC’s 4th of July concert before the fireworks in 2021. Mikenow lives in Birmingham.

Tim Mosley is a terrific drummer and percussionist and a great tenor who was a founding member of Persons of Interest, a former Albertville High School band member who still plays drums for the Albertville First Baptist Church Praise & Worship band.

Bruce Hopper is an outstanding bass player with 50+ years of experience playing bass and singing. He was the owner of The Chukker Club in Tuscaloosa that launched many artists such as Chuck Leavell and Mac McAnally. His witty personality entertains as well as his animated playing style.

Mitchell Foster is such a superb guitarist that there’s no genre he cannot play, and his singing voice will remind you of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. He played guitar for the local band, Two Tone Willie, and he now fronts his family acoustic band, Foster, which has been part of the MVAC Concert series.

Matt Dickerson, a guitarist from Albertville and youngest band member, has been playing since childhood. He has performed and traveled extensively with Country Case and DayTrippers band, and he is also the lead guitarist at Life Point, AFBC, and Celebrate Recovery

Amy Sims brings alto vocals similar to Stevie Nicks and the twang of Juice Newton. She grew up singing in church and with a variety of local bands as did a lot of local vocalists.

Susan Looney is a vocalist who performed with the former Persons of Interest and Daytrippers bands, and she’s now lending her powerful voice to all kinds of genres. Susan is from Douglas but lives in Albertville. She also sings with a group of doctors that she works with an Marshall Medical Center North.

Buddy VanTreese is a local Albertville guy who worked at Monsanto while performing with local bands and then traveled internationally in the mid-70s and 80s with a 50s-style band similar to Sha-na-na. He was the founding member of Spider’s Legacy, a spinoff group from the Van-dells, who performed greatest hits of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. With this group, Buddy was traveling all over the US, performing as many as 3 choreographed shows a night that 42 costume changes and comedy spliced in with the music. Later, Buddy performed with the Golden Classics who played with or opened for Wolfman jack, Brenda Lee, Rob Orbison, The Platters with Sonny Turner, and the Grass Roots. He ruptured a vocal cord and had to give singing up until he was miraculously healed a decade later. The late Bill Hooper talked him into moving back to Albertville and together with Gary Nunnally, they started the Daytripper band. Buddy is a Praise and Workshop Leader at Albertville First Baptist Church.

Check MVAC on Facebook by mid-afternoon to know if the venue has changed due to bad weather. Bring your folding chairs, friends, and a donation. Special thanks to the sponsors, Alabama State Council on the Arts (ASCA), City of Guntersville, Citizens Bank & Trust, PNC Foundation, Old Town Stock House, and Rodney’s Flower Shop, and of course, MVAC members and concert attendees.

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