Johnny Sparks has 4 ponds on his farm at Martling and lately he has had some unusual visitors there. A flock of Egyptian geese have taken a liking to his place. 

“They’re really beautiful,” he said. “They’re not there all the time. They’ll leave for awhile and then fly back in.”

Wild ducks and geese frequent the ponds. At first, Mr. Sparks just thought they were regular ducks and didn’t pay much attention to them. A closer look showed they were special.

It gets even better. He saw them while feeding his pack of dogs and threw some dog food out on the water for the geese. 

They loved it and he can call them and throw out dog food and they come for it. His neighbor Buddy Taylor made the photos you see here. Buddy is a farmer too and a professional photographer. 

“There are 4 ponds on my place, each of them about an acre or more,” Mr. Sparks said. 

Since they don’t mind dogs or people, the geese are apparently tame ones that have gone semi-wild. 

Egyptian geese are native to Africa, but people have flocks on ponds in America. Mr. Sparks pulled some information off the Internet about the birds that said they can be attracted to backyard ponds if food is readily available. 

While he’s been feeding them dog food, he’s planning to buy some corn for them. 

It’s just one more type of animal for his farm. He has a soft spot for animals and has horses, cows and other critters. He’s got about 20 dogs, maybe more, that he’s taken in because no one else wanted them. Each dog has a name. 

Mr. Sparks had the “Frugal Decorator” business that burned in Guntersville awhile back. He’s still cleaning out abandoned storage lockers and hopes to find another building so he can re-open his business.

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