Mountain Valley Arts Council’s February Quilt exhibit is in honor of Black History Month. The heirloom quilts made by black quilters hold many fond memories for the families who now own them and others who knew them well.

Two quilts which Mildred “Mim” Montgomery pieced, quilted, and appliqued are unique with intricate quilting and applique on both sides. One quilt features a large star pattern of triangles on one side and stripes of triangles on the other. The other quilt has applique of fans (the kind in the ceilings, not the kind ladies use to fan their faces) on top of a windowpane quilt patter. The other side has a similar windowpane pattern filled with more intricately pieced half-star patterns. Both of these quilts are displaced so that visitors can easily see both sides without touching them, which is a no-no in the quilting world.

Multi-colored leaf appliques top a blue windowpane quilt made by Dollie Huff. Mrs. Huff was born and died in Marshall County and raised her daughter, Vivian Huff Parham, in Guntersville. Vivian now lives in Harvest.

The Log Cabin pattern was used for a small wall-hanging quilt hand-quilted by Loretta Pettway Bennett, part of the famous Gee’s Bend quilters from here is Alabama. Loretta gave it to Claude Hundley who grew up in Guntersville as a thank you gift.

A Honeycomb pattern was used for a very large heirloom quilt by Claude Hundley’s great-great-aunt Mary Alice Rhoden who was born in 1900 and died in 1982. Mary Alice was the youngest of five children whose mother was born in slavery.

Please drop by the MVAC Gallery at 440 Gunter Avenue to see these heirloom quilts this month.

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