Lake Guntersville Insurance

These 3 folks represent about 40 years of insurance sales in Guntersville. That’s Carson Ray (left), Bruce Underwood and Cooter Butler. Ray has bought the agency from Butler. Underwood started it in the 1970s.

Guntersville City Councilman Carson Ray has bought the Florence “Cooter” Butler Insurance Agency and renamed it Lake Guntersville Insurance.

Butler will continue to work in the business with him.

This particular insurance agency has a history that goes back about 40 years. Local radio host Bruce Underwood started it in the 1970s and ran it for many, many years.

Underwood is still involved in the business a bit and goes to the post office and picks up the mail for the office every day among other things. Underwood is now 81 and still hosts his early morning radio program on WTWX.

He and his wife Jane also have Top Notch Trophies, TNT, a business started by their late son Cass. Underwood said he had to learn engraving fast after Cass passed. He used that skill to make Carson a name plate for his desk for his new venture.

Carson’s father Dewayne Ray is a longtime insurance man, but the father and son won’t be competing head-to-head. Dewayne specializes more in employee benefits type insurance. Carson will offer home, auto, life and business insurance.

Carson had been working as a program manager at JST, the electronic harness manufacturing facility in the industrial park at the top of the mountain. Getting into insurance some day had always been on his mind because of his father. Carson is 34.

He and his wife Abbey have 2 children, a son, Frank, 5, and a daughter, Jana Beth, 2.

Carson is a graduate of Guntersville High and Auburn University. His City Council assignments include the Planning Board, Chamber of Commerce and Fire Committee.

He is a member of the Lake City Civitans. His predecessor Bruce Underwood is the last remaining founding member of the 47-year-old club and continues as an active member.

Lake Guntersville Insurance is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The phone number is 256-582-4039.

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