GHS Musical

Guntersville High's featured dancers launch into the finale of "Give My Regards To Broadway."

They’d been working for months and the Guntersville High School Performing Arts Department pulled off a strong performance Friday and Saturday night with “Give My Regards To Broadway.”

The show was kind of groundbreaking for the school's choral music program as it marked the first time in recent memory that a live orchestra – also made up of Guntersville High students – provided the music.

The theatre was abuzz Saturday night with talk about that very topic.

“It just adds something, I think,” one parent was overheard to say.

“I hope it’s something they do in future shows,” said another.

“Give My Regards To Broadway” is something of a show within a show, following the travails of director George Foster as he tries to get his Broadway show off the ground despite funding problems.

Michael Raulerson turned in a strong performance as George. But it was Kalon Upton in the role of Legs Ruby, a bookie on the run from rival gangsters, who stole the show on the male side of the cast. He was the comedic relief for the show and he was hilarious.

“He’s so improvisational,” a parent shared. “He’s quick to ad lib and we never even know what costume he will be coming out in.”

On the girls side, Mamie Patton had a strong showing as Mary Collins, the country girl come to the big city to find fame. And she led the dance group in the big finish that was nothing short of spectacular.

The big finish featured girls in patriotic dance costumes and boys in soldier uniforms performing in front of a giant American flag.

“It’s an uplifting message,” a parent said. “It’s patriotic and it’s just what we need right now.”

“Give My Regards To Broadway” features the music of George M. Cohan with a whole lot of famous, familiar songs.

Musical theatre is an important part of the arts at Guntersville High.

We counted more than 50 students' names in the playbill listing the cast and crew. There’s a place for anyone who wants to be involved, whether it’s singing and dancing on the stage, working on the stage crew, running the sound board or doing hair and makeup.

Performing arts just builds confidence for the young people.

For the seniors, the spring musical is one final time to shine on the high school stage. For the middle schoolers, it’s the start of a new and magical journey.

We feel sure good things are ahead for this talented bunch.

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