Guntersville First United Methodist Church is going back to Bethlehem. "A Night in Bethlehem" will take place on Dec. 7, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. This event is free.

Minister of preschool ministries, Heather Epperson, said this is the 10th year the church is hosting "A Night in Bethlehem." They have listened to what people say are their favorite parts from the past 10 years and are doing their favorites based on that.

There are several members who have been a part of the program each year. The baby Jesus from the first show 10 years ago will be an angel in the production on Saturday.

They will have animals such as camels, goats and sheep. There will be food to sample from Biblical times.

An area will be set up for crafts for the children along with a weaving demonstration. There are opportunities for pictures with a backdrop. Epperson called this a "selfie spot."

Epperson said the reason for the new hours is to make the event accessible to people who cannot drive at night. They wanted to make sure they had an opportunity for those folks.

Families will be given a coin bag with some coins inside. They will encounter a Roman solider, a beggar and a tax collector. You can choose to give your coins to the beggar or the tax collector. You may take home your coin bag.

The church will have a gift bag give away. You will sign in and your name goes in a basket. At the end of the night, they will draw the name and call the person who wins.

Epperson said that it takes hundreds of people to pull this event off. Not all of the people are in costume. There are a lot of behind the scenes workers who help with the event.

On Monday, Epperson said six people were working to get some of the pieces built. They have been working non-stop and will continue to work the rest of the week to get Bethlehem constructed. Tuesday, Epperson said the tents should be up.

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