Guntersville's Ian Griffin is only 16 years old, but he's already played an extra in 2 movies and a TV show. 

He's fallen in love with acting and all things associated with it. He's going to Hollywood this month to take some film and TV training and possibly meet with an agent. Ian is the son of Wendy and Bubba Griffin. He's a junior at Guntersville High School. He's enjoyed TV and films for awhile. 

He recently played an extra in the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things." The new season debuted Thursday. It's a science fiction/horror show set in the 1980s. Kids and their parents alike love it. The entire season comes out at once so people can "binge watch" it. 

Ian was bitten by the acting bug 2 summers ago when he was an extra in a film shot at Camp Trico, the Super Science Showcase series "Shock Losers Survive Camp Analog."

That led to being an extra in another Super Science Showcase show, "River Raiders."

Last year, he went to Georgia for the filming of "Stranger Things" and he was there on Halloween through Nov. 2.

Since those particular episodes were set in 1985, Ian had to have a 1980s haircut. 

"He had a mullet," his mother said.

"It was cold," Ian said. "Everyone was talking about that."

But the weather didn't bother him. he was so excited just to see all that went on behind the scenes, the costuming and the taking care of the crew. He and Wendy said the staff even did a great job of taking care of the extras. 

"It's a festival scene and there were 500 extras," Ian said. 

He got to make eye contact with some of his favorite stars from the show and that was a plus for Ian.

Now that he's been in those shows, he will get IMDB credit for them. IMDB is an Internet site that tracks actors' film credits. 

Ian went to Nashville awhile back for an audition for a special film program and got picked to go to Los Angeles for film training. That will happen later this month. 

"Only 50 people made it," Wendy said. "There were a lot of people there too."

If he doesn't make it in front of the camera, there's a chance Ian could one day find work behind the scenes. His first love was comic book movies. Ian was so taken with them that he taught himself how to sew. He has since made the jacket from the show "Arrow" along with Spider-Man and Flash costumes. 

"A nice costume costs over $200," Ian said. "I can make one myself."

Wendy showed him how to thread the needle on the sewing machine. Ian figured it out from there on his own. And the costumes turned out pretty amazing. 

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