Phase 2

The start of construction of Phase 2 of the Guntersville recreation improvements, pictured in the layout above, will likely be delayed for another 3 months. TVA has ordered an archaeological review of the property before it will issue the needed permits to proceed with the work.

The City of Guntersville had hoped to turn dirt soon on Phase 2 of the recreation improvements, the rebuild of the Lions Fields complex next to the Rec Center gym.

However, the ground breaking has just underwent a setback that will likely cause a months-long delay. Before it will issue a 26A permit for the part of the work to be on TVA property, TVA wants a “cultural resources” review.

That’s an archaeological review to make sure there are no Native American burial grounds or significant artifacts on the property.

On the recommendation of Barge Design’s Garrett Younanian, the Guntersville City Council on Monday approved a change order to its contract with Barge. The change for $25,520 will go for Tennessee Valley Archaeologic Research, a private firm, to do the review not just for the Phase 2 property but also the Phase 3 property.

Younanian said he doesn’t expect anything to turn up in the archaeological review.

“I tried to get around this, but it is required,” Mayor Leigh Dollar said. She added that TVA does these types of reviews itself, but they are very backed up presently and it would push the timeline out even further.

Younanian estimated the process of getting the work done, then having TVA review it would take about 3 months.

The City Council in March approved a $4.2 million contract for the Phase 2 work, which will include pushing the ballfields further back, expanding the parking, adding a splash pad behind the Rec Center and extending the walking trail from behind the Senior Center to the new park.

Lambert Contracting of Scottsboro was the low bidder and got the contract. Chorba Contracting was the successful bidder on Phase 1 of the park rebuild.

In other park news, the mayor announced a large corporate donation to help with some park work. More details about that will be released in the future. 

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