Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine said a lot of people in rural Marshall County are being "double taxed" for fire protection and the legislators don't want to do anything about it.

Larry Bodine, who attends most County Commission meetings, says people in much of rural Marshall County are being double-taxed for fire protection and have no say in it whatsoever.

His comments came up as an aside to the County Commission’s resolution expressing financial support for the Revenue Commissioner’s office as it relates to collecting fire district fees.

He said people who live in both the a rural fire district and a city police jurisdiction are being taxed twice, once by the county and once by the city.

“If you look at your utility bill, and you’re in the police jurisdiction, you’re paying a fee for police and fire protection,”

Bodine said. “And you’re paying a fire district fee.”

What needs to happen, Bodine said, is for the police jurisdiction to be done away with. He said the people in these areas want to be in the county, not the city.

“I can’t talk to these politicians,” Bodine said, apparently referring the legislative delegation. “They don’t like to hear what I’ve got to say and they won’t even meet with me.”

“My door is always open,” Commission chairman James Hutcheson said.

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