Angela Otts

With everyone wearing masks because of the virus, some activities are hard to complete. I found that out at the grocery store recently.

I’m cautious and wear a mask when I venture out in public. I haven’t been to the grocery store much because my daughter was gracious enough to do the shopping for me. But on this day, I went out to pick up a few things myself.

I was okay until I came up to the vegetable area. At that location and at the fruit stands, there are plastic bags to use for my selections. Pull them off a roll of bags and start stuffing.

This was where I was stymied. I got the bag off the roll okay and shuffled around with it. I couldn’t get the bag to open up. You know how thin plastic is. It sticks together.

I moved my fingers back and forth on the plastic. Nothing happened. I tried to find where there was a small uneven opening but no luck. My eye sight must be going bad, I thought to myself.

I fiddled with that bag for minutes. I even considered asking someone to please get this thing open.

I had my mask on and I didn’t want to take it off to perhaps wet my fingers to move that flimsy plastic but there wasn’t much else to do.

I lifted my mask and gave my fingers a bit of moisture and rubbed the plastic back and forth. Success!!! I got the bag open.

I didn’t notice but a lady across the way was staring at me. I must have appeared gross licking my fingers to get this stupid bag open.

She kept her distance but in a loud voice she said, “I’ve been fussing with those bags for the past 10 minutes. I figured my eye sight was going bad because I couldn’t locate the place to get it open. I like your idea better!”

Mask or not....there’s always a solution.

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