Angela Otts

There are so many blessings coming out of the adversity we now face with the coronavirus.

Families living in the same households are doing things together. They’re studying, working, eating and exercising together.

I saw a family walking together in a park... teenagers and older parents. That wouldn’t have happened in the ordinary scheme of things. The teens would have a full schedule away from home.

Kids are making signs of encouragement and posting them on windows. Families are making signs for birthdays and having drive-by birthday celebrations. A friend of mine had a parade of honor recently... 15 cars and a lot of balloons. The whole neighborhood had fun with it. They even took pictures. Smiles everywhere!

Friends are shopping for elderly friends. Elderly friends are sewing masks for neighbors.

People are caring for people. It’s a joyful thing to know and experience.

Families have time to plant gardens and beautify their homes. They’re repairing, painting and building things that they never had time for.

So many blessings. Families have time for each other. They are checking on those they know and love.

I know there are hardships with this time and space, but they will pass.... hopefully sooner than later. Routines will be back, maybe a bit modified but restored.

As that comes about, I hope we all retain the idea of closeness and caring. Don’t get too busy and forget about being together in everything we do.... a walk, eating together, raking the yard, painting a wall. Many hands, happy hearts.

Adversity has brought a learning experience....keeping ourselves healthy and safe, making our lives more personal with those we love.

For me, I miss the hugs but there’s still a closeness in the world. We are blessed.

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