Angela Otts

My son has a very smart dog. Her name is Shadow and she's a beautiful border collie.

I get reacquainted with her every time I travel to Arkansas. She jumps up on me and wants to lick me when I appear there. 

My son says she remembers me. I pretty much doubted that because dogs love to jump on people. But she did seem very happy to see her grandma.

My son and daughter-in-law are daddy and mommy. But I can remember when my son wouldn't have a pet for any amount of money.

His sweet wife convinced him. Now he and Shadow are best buddies, so much so that my daughter-in-law would like a dog of her own.

Shadow loves to play with her Frisbee. She chews on it, carries it around and loves to chase and catch it.

In the house, she will carry the Frisbee to whoever is the room, but the stinker won't let go of it.

She actually teases with it. She'll come up to me with a soulful look and I figure she wants to play. I reach for the Frisbee but she backs off. 

Back and forth, she teases me with that chewed up disc. 

"Just tell her to give it to you, Mom," my son told me. 

I begged for several minutes for the opportunity to toss it to her. But it was a back-and-forth game.

The twinkle in her eyes led me to believe that it was more important to challenge Grandma. When she was done with her game, she resumed jumping on me and licking my hands.

Shadow is so smart that when my son asks her if she wants to go for a ride, she runs to the garage door and waits for him. If he tells her to go find her ball, she comes back with it. 

It was a maddening ball, squeaking every time she had it in her mouth. If it's time for her to go outdoors, she stands there and waits for my son or daughter-in-law. 

If she knows she will be able to catch the Frisbee, she goes to the patio door. If it's a time for an outing in the pool, she rushes out the door and waits at the edge of the pool for her float so she can gingerly step in and get situated, Frisbee in her mouth.

She expects someone to toss it close to the float so that she can pick it up.

She doesn't want to go into the water. She wants to just float on it.

A spectacle to watch is when she gets out of the pool and rolls around on a large towel to dry herself off.

I'm still not a pet person. But Shadow is a nice companion. I really believe she knows what I am saying to her when we have a chat. 

She is way too energetic for me, but she always makes Grandma feel welcome in her home. 

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