Angela Otts

Some friends and I went out one cool afternoon to see several giant fields of sunflowers in Wisconsin. It was quite the tourist attraction. Families were out taking photos all along the fence line.

There’s something about sunflowers. People are drawn to them because they look so joyful with their bright yellow petals and brown seed centers.

They get really tall, and they look pretty strong to hold that growing flower full of seeds. As we walked along the edge of the field, the farmer had made many spots where visitors could take a few steps into the growth and be surrounded by sunflowers.

That was a great photo opportunity for everyone. Some families brought step stools to rise above the stalks to view the majesty of the fields.

Someone said the farmer planted the sunflowers every 5 years, and put other plants there in the off years. The flowers will be harvested and turned into sunflower oil.

The round flowery head of the sunflower was covered with a greenish fuzz but the seeds were underneath, all neatly in a circle.

Someone passing by the outer range of the field had a creative idea. We came about the sunflower and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Someone had scraped the fuzzy green covering to make a smiley face on the sunflower. It gathered a lot of attention and smiles all around.

With the blue sky, fluffy clouds, a cool breeze, and a field of yellow and green, the smiley face made the day perfect.

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