Angela Otts

I’m involved in an interesting project that might be an idea for creative people around Guntersville. It’s a collaboration of poets and artists.

Marshall County has many talented artists, and I know there are inspiring poets creating wonderful phrases. The project to consider is “Art in So Many Words.”

Artists send 3 photos of different artwork to a poet, who makes a choice to write a poem about one of the paintings. Poets send 3 copies of their poetry to the artist, who makes a choice to paint a canvas to depict the poem.

It’s such a great concept of artistic communication and interpretation.

I thought to myself, “Wow, this is going to be so much fun. My artistic opinion of a poem!”

When you think about it, artists and poets put so much of themselves into their creations. Poets create a picture in your mind about the story they’re telling. Artists paint a scene that they hope the viewer will create their own story of what they see.

Each creative person has so much to share. With a stroke of the brush or the imprint of a melodic sentence, a new world is opened up. Generations can talk to each other.

Wouldn’t it be a great thing for students and adults to share this experience? An exhibit of the output of the project would be fantastic. Visitors could read the poem and see the visual reality of it.

Student artists and student poets paired with adult artists and adult poets. Can it happen?

I hope so.

I have a little artist and a little poet in me. I guess that’s why the project sounded so stimulating. It’s like an adventure or a surprise party. The adventure is creating something spectacular and meaningful, from the heart. The surprise party is that gift you receive when you read how a poet interpreted your painting or how an artist visualized your poem.

Two creative souls coming together to explain each other….wow, that’s something special!!

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