Angela Otts

In various conversations with friends, I have found out that the coronavirus has caused significant weight gain. That’s not a symptom of the virus, just a symptom of us being locked up for such a long time with no place to go.

The only place that has helped us during this isolation is the path to the refrigerator or pantry. We need comforting.

I can relate to this assessment. I find myself, not hungry at all, checking out what I can eat in the kitchen. Even as I select something, I lambast myself about the dirty deed and ignore all protocol and eat what I selected. Even with the harsh words, the food demon in me doesn’t hear a word. We’re on the path of self destruction and it doesn’t matter. Our life is going down the tube.

How many years will this elderly woman have? She’s missed out on a year so far. 2020 was a disaster. Here she stands with a hunk of cheese in her hand in 2021. Who cares?

Wow, this is a problem ! I’ll go out weighing too much and the world will wonder what happened to me.

One hunk of cheese leads to multiple crackers. One hunk of cheese visits almost hourly until it’s gone. Then there’s that ice cream lurking there as the freezer door opens.

What is it about times of calamity that people get fat? Maybe they’re already fat and this is the door opening to Fritos and dark chocolate bonbons. Some of this stuff is healthy!

On the other hand, the craving for something to get us over the stress and social distancing might just be good in every shape and form!

After all this time, I’m a believer. Anything cold and concealed is pretty good. Microwave anything that doesn’t have fur on it is a gourmet meal. Just don’t weigh yourself!!!!!

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