Angela Otts

Spring is officially here! The rains are coming to nourish all new growth and beautiful flowers. There’s rebirth in the air.

Spring in the South has always been a beautiful time. The native azaleas and dogwoods bloom profusely. Beauty is all around us.

I had never seen the South until I married an Alabama boy. My first trip here from Illinois was in the middle of the summer and it was brutally hot.

I didn’t have a positive impression of the climate. Luckily, we came again one spring and I was in my glory. Trees with blossoms lined the roads and azaleas brightened so many areas.

When we retired to Guntersville , I was able to experience the joys of nature every day.

Spring was my favorite season in the South, followed by another beautiful time in the fall. They fight each other for my attention

You have to be outside in the spring. Get rid of the jackets and let the sun shine upon your face. Around every corner is a scene of nature that will inspire you.

Wherever we are, spring is wonderful... just inhale and exhale that fresh and new air. Send up a prayer of praise for the majesty around us.

Spring has sprung!

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