Angela Otts

Fall is a two-fold mood for me. The beautiful colors spark my energy and happiness. But the rain and wind comes and the beautiful colors flutter to the ground. The process makes me sad and introspective.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love vibrant colors and we’re surrounded by them. There are great childhood memories associated with the fall season; jumping in a pile of leaves, playing kick-the-can on our street, burning leaves at the curb, collecting the most colorful leaves and pressing them in our thick, old dictionary, preparing for Halloween and Christmas, loving the first snow.

After a beautiful high of magnificent color, fall brings me a sense of an ending. Nature decides to sleep and everything changes.

There’s a change of warmth to cooler days, ones where I get out the heavy sweater or jacket. I’m more incumbered with that heaviness.

That coupled with a brown look that settles into my environment sets the mood of a certain kind of sadness. I’m nearing the end of another year.

As nature prepares for a covering of snow and a certain degree of isolation, I guess I go though that too. My energy level slows down considerably as the leaves fall.

But I must say that I revel in the colorful burst of fall. I’m happy we have that glory of God’s world.

I ooh and aah over the beautiful trees. It’s a blessing to be outdoors.

It’s a time when I like to be out in the country taking in the scenes.

We all still have time for a little drive to renew our spirit. Get out to see the colors. Collect some pretty leaves and press them flat. Make the leaf pile as high as you can and jump in, if you can. Winter is coming.

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