Angela Otts

There’s not a cloud in the sky this morning as I sit outside and write this column. Finally, a cool and low humidity morning.

I have a whirly-gig standing in one of my flower pots and the breeze is twirling it around. It’s colorful and is making my morning pleasant.

I like being out in the early morning hours. No noise. Just nature treating me to a new day.

We all need our quiet times, whatever time of day but there’s something about the early morning that is inspiring to me.

It’s a time for being thankful for what I have and am experiencing. I even have rabbits hopping around across the yard.

My line of trees wave back and forth in the breeze. I have to feel blessed and comforted.

Much of this solitary time, I have no thoughts, just observing my little part of nature. We have too many thoughts during the course of the day that are rushed or filled with chaos. A peaceful morning time gives me a hope for a good day.

Step outside at the beginning of your day. Love what you see....tree branches bending in the breeze, a flower blooming, the sun and the shadows it makes, the green of the earth, the blue of the sky.

This is the day that the Lord hath made....rejoice and be glad in it.

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