Angela Otts

We’ll soon be officially into the fall season. It’s my favorite time of the year. I’m instinctively drawn to color, and the Lord blesses us with such a magnificent pallet of reds and yellows.

As a kid, I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of trees. Colorful fall leaves were in abundance as neighbors started raking their lawns. The attraction was the big mounds of leaves piled along the edge of the sidewalks.

Who could refrain from jumping into them? We got buried in them. The bigger, the better. The mounds soon gave way to leaves everywhere.

Interesting enough, no adult minded that we kids were messing up a good raking job. It was a rite of the season. They probably wished they could jump in too.

Jumping into a pile of leaves is much like making snow angels after the first cover of winter. There’s something in the soul that reaches out to that freedom of pure fun.

It can be child’s play at any age if we’re willing to step out of ourselves. I found that out when my grandchildren were very young.

They wanted me to flop in the leaf pile just like they did. They wanted me to throw those leaves into the air like they did. They wanted me to be in a leaf fight to the end.

The years turned back in that big pile of colorful leaves. It was official….fall was here!

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