Angela Otts

As we get older, we seem to nap more. In fact, anytime is nap time.

When I was younger, I never napped. I was out there running around doing project after project. I never considered a nap. I guess it was because I wasn’t home sitting in a comfortable chair with nothing to do.

Even though I still like to keep myself busy, I have found that a quiet moment in a comfortable chair becomes nap time. I don’t plan on it. A number of my friends give notice that they’re going to take a nap, but not me. Naps sneak up on me.

One afternoon, I was sitting reading some mail. The sun was shining in and felt nice and warm. The next thing I knew I was awakening to a dark room. Right at that moment I couldn’t figure out if I had slept there all night and this was early morning or it was the start of late afternoon when the sun goes down.

It could have been 4 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. I had napped the afternoon away.

Older folks wake up more often during the night. Most of my same-age friends say that’s about 2:30 or 3:00 am. Some get back to sleep but others are awake for the duration. That means napping becomes more important as the new day drudges along without much nighttime sleep. I’m one of those drudges. 3:00 am is breakfast time.

I’ve always been a late night person. Getting elderly hasn’t changed that much. I don’t seem to get sleepy until after midnight. Reading doesn’t make me sleepy. Sleeping pills don’t make me sleepy….well, the next day, they make me sleepy. I’m just an odd-ball.

I live with my foibles of not being able to sleep, even though I have had my sleep habits tested. I have a routine and it doesn’t change too much. With that said, I guess napping is inevitable with me.

They say napping is good for you. Your body is saying you need to recoup a bit and sleep will help with that. That recliner, that comfortable chair by a sunny window is okay. I have to say that is right. It’s a little blessing during the day.

My husband always napped. At the time, I couldn’t understand why he just fell asleep for a short time. He said he was just resting his eyes. I knew better.

My eyes get rested but so does my entire body. It’s great. If you’re napping during the day, don’t worry about it. You were meant to nap that day. We don’t have to excuse ourselves too much.

I have missed appointments on occasion but not too often. The day of the nap was meant to be the day of the nap. It was good!

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