Angela Otts

If you aren’t going to use it very often, there’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg for it. I hear that so often from friends, especially when I was looking for a bed for my guest room. I don’t have many guests.

I supposed that I didn’t really need a bed, just a frame, box spring and mattress. The furniture stores were constantly advertising mattresses for cheap, cheap, cheap. I was going to get myself a bargain.

In a furniture store, a salesman approached me about my needs.

“Just a simple frame, mattress and box spring for my guest room. I don’t have many guests, but I want to be able to offer an overnight stay if I do have some,” I told him.

His first question hit me….”What type of mattress are you interested in?”

I was thinking cheap, cheap, cheap, but I guess I didn’t get that across. And who knows what type mattress you want? I started to think that “simple” wasn’t going to be cheap.

Mattresses are thick and thin or thinner. They have all kinds of benefits for a restful sleep, but I wasn’t too with it to determine what a guest would like.

Again, I stressed the “simple” frame, mattress and box spring. When he asked my budget, I was about ready to put out the unwelcome sign to any future guests.

The mattress was comfortable and supportive. Any guest of mine will be put up in style on a fluffy cloud. Who knows I might take a few naps on it myself.

I flipped out the charge card and set the delivery date. My guest room is lovely, especially after I bought a quilt, extra pillows and deep sheets to accommodate the “simple” mattress.

The welcome sign is out!

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