Angela Otts

My friend has one of those round robot vacuums that roams her apartment cleaning up the carpeting. She never vacuums using a machine that she pushes back and forth, around and about.

I want one of those.

My husband used to say I didn’t even know how to turn our vacuum cleaner on. He did all the vacuuming at our house for years and years.

Now I have do it and he was right. I did search for a while to find the on and off switch.

I read somewhere that women shouldn’t vacuum. It had something to do with pain in our lower backs.

I noticed the other day that I could see a path that I walk everyday in my apartment. I kept saying to myself that I have to get that bulky vacuum cleaner out of the closet and do something about the worn path.

Well, that thought went on for weeks without any resolution. I hate vacuuming. That’s why my husband had the job, and he was good at it.

I have a cleaning gal who does it for me, but we’re sequestered for now. The vacuuming is now up to me. That accounts for the matted down path that is so easily seen at my place.

I did get the vacuum out of the closet the other day to vanquish the path. It looked good for a couple of days but now I have to do it again. I vote for the robot vacuum making its rounds.

In my old age (I just had another birthday) I’m just not into cleaning. I like the idea of robots doing the housekeeping chores.

They could vacuum, mop the floor, clean up under the bed, put away the clean dishes, take out the garbage and recycling and dust the furniture and blinds.

I’d make sure I knew how to turn that robot on!

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