Angela Otts

Out with the old. In with the new.

2022 beckons to us in a hopeful manner. We wish for everything to be new and joyous for us.

We have gone through a couple of years of anxiety about so many things. As we turn that final page of this year’s calendar, we wonder what each new day of 2022 will bring.

We can’t solve all the problems facing us but we can look at each day as another opportunity to make our lives better. Do something better than you did the day before.

I don’t hear people making “resolutions” any more. It’s a futile effort, I guess. Resolutions take time and effort, much of which we don’t have. Resolutions also have gone on for years without much progress. We give up.

So, how can we bring in the “new?” The old stuff is still with us, probably entrenched. These old situations that we don’t seem to have any control over are hard to dump . That’s why resolutions in the new year don’t work. We just have to freely admit that.

Keep your attitude open in doing things in your life a little differently. A little tweaking of everyday activities can bring you newness.

As I recover from a long illness of Covid, I bring to mind a suggestion by one of my therapists. She said you can approach weaknesses in your life by setting a positive base in your attitude towards it. The trick is to expand your attitude base more and more each day. Not big leaps and bounds but small steps. Focus on moving forward, inch by inch.

Relationships, illnesses, family concerns, all can be made new by adding a new and positive attitude towards it each day. Practice the “new” and the “old” will be gone. There is hope in the process.

Welcome 2022!

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