Angela Otts

I have puffy finger tips that don’t maneuver the keyboard on my iPhone very well. I’m always hitting the wrong keys .

Luckily some people I text know what I want to say. The last game of the Packers when they scored a safety I typed, "we scored two pots."

My friend wrote back in capital letters POTS? I had to let her know I was a comedian typist.

iPhones have a way of their own. They want to anticipate my word and quickly type it for me. I have corrected it many times. Unfortunately the error continues down the page with even more bizarre verbiage . I remember correcting words over 5 times texting my daughter. She’s the one who reads my dribble and knows what it says.

After her daughter collected some of her furniture for her new place and my daughter’s family room was pretty barren, I brazenly asked “do you have something to fit on?”

“Sip on?”

“Dig on?”

“Mom. I get the translation.”

At the end of her text, she put lol. I thought that was pretty nice...lots of love. Come to find out , that means lots of laughter.

It isn’t me, it’s the phone .

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