Angela Otts

My son David has a purebred border collie named Shadow. She is so intelligent. I understand that breed of dog is highly developed. Well, I’m finding that out!

At my son’s home, Shadow rules the roost. When I visit, she seems to remember me as the patsy who never gets the frisbee away from the ruler of the house.

Believe me, I have tried. She loves that frisbee to jump up and retrieve it. She goes through all kinds of twists and turns to be right on the spot.

But she has to tease me in the process. I don’t know if this is in the genes of border collies but Shadow sure does have it in her psyche.

It’s amazing how many words she understands but “give it to me” is not a phrase she recognizes. She comes right up to me like she is going to give me a try but when I reach for the frisbee, she draws back and rejects my playful nature while she’s staring me right in the eye. If she didn’t have that frisbee in her mouth, she would be laughing at me. I’m being rejected by a dog.... on purpose

If I do get the frisbee and toss it for her, she quickly returns to me with it in her mouth, only to tease me repeatedly. She won’t let it go!

I politely tell her (because she’s so intelligent and understands words) that I quit. She remains in the teaser mode.

I tell her to take it to her daddy. That’s my son! She looks at him and back at me. She’s decides to torture me.

I have resigned as a frisbee tosser. Shadow has yet to acknowledge that. She finds her frisbee with drool all over it and comes calling.

I love her but her daddy is better at frisbee tossing. I can’t get my hands on it!!!

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