Angela Otts

Most of the time, we wonder how time gets by us so fast. Here it is September already and we’re staring down fall and winter.

When I was a kid, I thought I’d never get old enough fast enough. Now I don’t relish getting older faster. Give me a few years back!

Time marches on, as they say.

As we age, we march in a different step..surely slower, but now with more confidence and commitment. We’ve done many things; learned many things; tried many things. Our time now can be devoted to our bucket list of stuff we were going to do in our lives. We have the time.

I asked a few friends what was on their bucket list. One gal wants to take a train trip through Canada. One wants to eat lobster in Maine.

California and Italy trips were on the agenda too.

I was one for visiting the mountains... the bigger, the better. Has to be Switzerland.

One wanted to be all decked out in stylish clothes.. put together, she said. Winning the lottery wasn’t a bad idea either.

These and many more were pretty grand ideas.

“I’ll probably never do these things,” my friend said. “But it’s fun to talk about it.”

No one came up with simple things or adventures that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The presented ideas were more “wish” lists rather than bucket list. A bucket list we might be able to fulfill. A wish list involved becoming a millionaire somehow.

Play this game with your friends and see what some of the buckets lists are. Everyone should write their list down. You never know when the fates will hand you the opportunity to actually cross a desire off the list.

It can happen!!!

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