Angela Otts

Sunday is "Toss the Fruitcake" day. For many, fruitcake is yukky and being given the liberty to chuck it out the window is a special occasion.

I like fruitcake. It’s loaded with nuts and fruit pieces and decorated so nicely with candied cherries and nuts. I admit it’s a pretty heavy recipe but a little bite will do ya!

Last Christmas, my son gave me a gift certificate to a premiere bakery. It had all kinds of breakfast pastries and cakes. A year later, I decided to order something

When I spotted the fruitcake, I knew I had to have some. It wasn’t a large tin so it would be fine for me.

It was packaged in a lovely Christmas tin and looked like it was pretty rich in texture.

One morning last week, I decided to sample the cake with my morning coffee. I cut a piece exactly one candied cherry thick.

It was delicious. As I sipped my coffee, I decided to see exactly was was in this delicious cake.

The label was on the bottom of the wrapping covering the fruitcake. I turned it over and was shocked at what I saw.

First of all, the small cake served 14 people. Wow, that came out to be slivers of slices for everyone, not a candied cherry thick slice.

And there it was..... each serving was 495 calories each. That made the cake a whopping 6,930 calories in total.

And I was going to eat this fruitcake myself, savor all the excellent ingredients myself, become bigger and fatter myself.

There was great disappointment.

So, am I going to toss this fruitcake? They say fruitcakes, like Twinkies, last forever. There’s drama in the decision for a fruitcake lover who doesn’t want to bulge out any more than necessary.

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