Angela Otts

I have hearing aids and I pretty much wear them all the time. Many of my friends who also have them aren’t too faithful about putting them in their ears everyday.

I do forget them ever so often but if I’m going to be with my kids, I make sure I wear them because they’re going to ask about them.

“Mom, do you have your hearing aids on?” will be the question.

Fact #1. Sometimes I have a hard time hearing softer voices or people who kind of mumble. That doesn’t mean I have to have the hearing devices at a screeching volume.

Fact #2. I probably say “huh?” a lot. I don’t mean to not pay attention but I may not be concentrating on the conversation. It’s a common instinct to be caught off guard in times like that. I didn’t hear what was said and I have a blank look on my face.

“Mom, do you have your hearing aids on? You’re going to have to have those things checked out.”

I hear what I want, I guess. Before my hearing aids, I’d smile a lot, laugh when everyone else was laughing and used some pretty acceptable phrases to be in the conversation.

“You’re right!” “I know what you mean.” “Me too!”

But I was out of the mainstream. That’s why I got the hearing aids.

My family questions my usage of the hearing aids because of the heavy cost of the gadgets, that I’m still not hearing right and maybe they should get me to have them reprogrammed.

I guess that okay from my family’s point of view. For me, I just like to tune some stuff out. I would have them refer to Fact #1 and Fact #2.

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