Angela Otts

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I say that now at the beginning of the month so that no one will forget about love and how it likes to be treated.

Love is hugs and surprises. This does not have to be connected to spending a lot of money. Actually, it’s better being creative than using a credit card.

By definition, love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. Maybe expensive jewelry or a room full of roses, a convertible or a Caribbean cruise could define that affection but these items die, rust and are over

A hug or a cuddle everyday is a constant reminder that you mean something to someone.

A sweet gesture of holding hands, a wink, a compliment, a quick kiss on the cheek is a strong reminder that you mean something to someone.

But Valentine’s Day looms. It’s associated with gifts, going out to eat, flowers, candy. Doesn’t everyone expect that type of love expression? Aren’t we women disappointed when it’s not recognized in that way? We’ve been indoctrinated to follow the masses….a mushy card, chocolate covered caramels, red roses.

What can be creative for Valentine’s Day expression of love? I know this may sound a bit hokey to some, but let me give it a try. These could be your surprise.

Make a list of all the traits and special moments you have had with your partner over the years that have made you happy and made you feel his or her love. Share them in a love letter.

With a kiss and a warm embrace, tell your partner why you chose him or her as your love. Share how that love has grown over the years.

Two fairly simple things to do. Most of us don’t bring up these kind of thoughts and conversations too often. Life is too busy and full. The time isn’t right. It’s easier to buy a romantic card, buy a gift.

We need to express these deep and meaningful thoughts and memories with each other….actually say them out loud. Acknowledge that simple reflections of love over the years are with us, and we cherish them.

From the heart, when is it more appropriate than Valentine’s Day?

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