Angela Otts

Everyone likes to drag out old photos from their boxes and albums. As we get older, we have so many of them.

As our children get older, they’re more interested in photos from the 1920’s and 1930’s. You can tell my collection goes way, way back. I’m not that old but I’m the matriarch of my family and I’m the keeper of my mother's photos.

I had them out the other day, sharing them with my daughter. My son is going to scan them so all my siblings can have them to share with their children. Got to be thankful for the electronic, cyber age.

Many albums of old are losing their images over the years. We need to preserve them for future generations. That means getting them out and looking at them again.

As my daughter and I viewed my collection, it was great seeing an older generation pictured in the photos. It was amazing seeing my mother with her friends in the late 20’s frolicking at a park. I was amazed to see her wearing baggy pants. She always wore a house dress when I was with her.

It was also amazing seeing some of this generation mirroring the looks of their ancestors. We carry the line along!

My suggestion is to get the photos, the boxes of photos, the albums of photos out or located. They need to be spread around. Find a computer family member to scan them on flash drives. Keep your family history alive.

Of course, you’ll have a wonderful time doing this, amid tears and laughter.

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