Angela Otts

When I was a kid, I thought we’d be flying around in our own spaceships by the time 2022 rolled around.

There would all kinds of futuristic inventions that would transform the world. Some of that has happened but not like I imagined.

When you’re young, it’s hard to fully imagine the future, even getting to 2022, but what we do dream up is definitely out of this world.

My generation has seen us go from quill pens and inkwells to ballpoint pens, from imagining scenes on the radio to watching TV, from massive dictionaries to pocket computers, from a party line to an iPhone.

We take all this for granted these days. The wringer washing machines are all in antique stores. We have graduated to the future.

I thought I had arrived in the future when the calendar changed to 2000, a whole new century. Wow, I made it.

I remember the world wondered if everything would come to a standstill because all the computers would fail. It never happened. We went on like another day.

And here we are at 2022 hoping the world recovers from viruses that plague us. We’re sure to welcome new and innovative inventions and concepts. We’re one step from the here and now to the future. Our kids will recall electric cars and scenic vacations to outer space.

We old folks will remember getting to 2022 and imagine maybe flying in our own personal spaceship.

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