Angela Otts

When I was a kid, my mother always told me that God had given me a guardian angel to help me when I needed it.

She encouraged prayer and daily talks with God so that my angel could be alerted to duty. I’ve always followed her advice. I get guidance on a regular basis.

Have you ever been concerned about something in your life and you suddenly see, hear or read an answer to your dilemma? Help pops up when you least expect it. You have a helper out there in the universe!

I remember at the Gleam having three interviews in one day. I knew it was too much but I stubbornly went about making the appointments. The morning of the day as I was driving to work, I was having my daily chat with God, just lamenting how much I put on myself. I need help, I said.

What I got to the office, I got a call cancelling the first interview. Wow, I could breathe a little better today, I thought.

But that was just the start. The next two interviews cancelled too. I sat at my desk flabbergasted. I had been saved from a frantic schedule.

Recently I have been concerned about taking care of myself better than I have over this past epidemic year. It might be a coincidence, but I have run across so many instances of what I seek appears, not immediately but at a time that it reminds me that I was looking for an answer.

I must put my guardian angel to a full schedule of helping me. I thank my mother for the training of seeking help in prayer.

Keep that conversation with God going, she always said.

Our answers come if we stay aware of the events in our lives and give thanks on a regular basis. On many occasions I could have shouted my thanks to the roof tops!

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