Angela Otts

My iPhone locked me out this past week and I was a basket case!

I forgot my passcode to get into the gadget and tried everything I could think of until the phone gave up on me. After that, it was like my capacity to communicate was taken away.

For those who really understand these gadgets, this would never happen to them. They know and remember all special codes and numbers belonging to their phone.

For me, it was a time for crying and praying that something or someone would save me from this doom.

I wanted to throw the phone out the window but I restrained myself. I chastised myself for doing whatever wrong I did to come to this point in cyberspace. Words like dumb, stupid and out-of-your-mind surfaced pretty rapidly.

I don’t need this device, I told myself. I want this device, I told myself. I was definitely very conflicted staring down at a non-operating iPhone.

I knew there was help. I called my daughter and she came over with the guru of iPhones, my granddaughter. There was no hope. The phone had to be restored to factory specs. There was a chance of losing stuff in the process if I didn't have data backed up in a cloud somewhere. Backups and clouds are not what I understand. I’m sorry but I’m a dunce in these instructions . If it happens automatically, I’m okay. If you want me to do it, anxiety sets in.

I was met with chaos in getting the problem solved. My phone provider didn’t do what was required. Apple stores were closed indefinitely.

Luckily, the Geek Squad saved the day. I’m now on my iPhone with new codes and passwords all written down so I don’t forget. Now I need to transfer that info to a more secure place so I don’t get locked out again.

Right now it’s on the back of a gas station receipt.

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