Angela Otts

I just read a short piece about being in the moment. It says to be fluid and spontaneous. I guess I’ve always been ready for spontaneous. We all have to react easily to the changing face of life, or we go bananas.

I look at myself as an outlet for the energy of the universe. I have to go with the flow. I suppose that’s my definition of being spontaneous.

Sometimes my outlet is closed to the flow, and I can use a good nap in the afternoon. I snooze and love it. That’s as spontaneous as you can get when you are in the “elderly” stage of life.

I still have goals and a long bucket list of things that I want to do. I turn on the flow when I want to expand out and do something to complete my potential. Living in the moment might not be strenuous but it sure is uplifting.

We all need the delight in really experiencing our moments every day. Drop everything and be spontaneous. Right now I should be putting some dishes into the dishwasher and turning it on, but the flow really isn’t there. I’ll be in the moment when I actually have to hide the dishes somewhere because someone is stopping by for a visit.

A friend told me one day when we were talking philosophically that ”we are all more than enough.” That’s a pretty deep statement. We have everything we need inside of us waiting for the flow to seep out in a spontaneous moment.

Be joyful. Be sourced in the power that is within you. Have a happy, fun spontaneous moment, realize that’s just what it is. A moment of life lived!

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