Angela Otts

My son bought me one of those robotic vacuum cleaners for Christmas. That is a pretty neat invention.

It roams all over my carpets and floors without me doing a thing.

My husband used to say I didn’t even know how to turn on our conventional vacuum cleaner. He was right. He did all the vacuuming!

But all I had to do with this wonder was to get an app on my computer and program it to run 3 days a week, and that’s it. It vacuums around everything and goes back to its charging station and empties itself and gets recharged for the next time. Now that is a miracle machine!

No lugging a big ol’ machine out of the closet; no throwing my shoulder out moving it back forth; no getting tangled in the electrical cord; no bending over to plug it into yet another wall receptacle; no more emptying out the canister; and no more stuffing it back in the closet.

My little companion is busy getting all my dust under the sofa.

I often fret about the dust gathering under the furniture but I sure can’t move them around and vacuum myself.

Now I watch its cycle around the rooms. I’m usually sitting in a chair with my feet up. It can always vacuum around me without bumping into something.

My personal robot finds its way back home to the charging station and clicks in. It doesn’t bother anyone and delights me.

In my old age, I’m getting a bit lazy about all the chores around my place. Now I don’t have to make excuses why you can see my path in the carpeting. My Monday-Wednesday-Friday helper is making me look good.

My son just wants to make life easier for his mom. I sure do appreciate his gift. I only wish it was versatile enough to take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher. For some reason, I hate that job!

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