Angela Otts

“I might look okay to everyone but my sock is sliding into my shoe.” My friend Katie always has a one-liner to share. It was funny to me because I’m always struggling with my socks.

I’ve had big feet all my life and buying socks is a hassle. They just don’t fit right, and like Katie, my sock is sliding into my shoe as I’m walking around. It’s not very comfortable.

There’s no lady-like way to pull those socks up. If I could take off my shoes and redo my socks, the maneuver might last for a while but I’m usually right back where I started from.

I’ve tried all types of socks. Socks with heavy elastic, the ones that you can count on to stay up, dig into my leg, and I get all puffy in the legs. The ankle socks just ride in a different position, and I could be marked for life with deep grooves in my ankle.

I even tried the diabetic socks, but they slip and slide down worse than any other. They’re softer and don’t have a lot of elastic. Again, it’s my big feet that don’t get to the right size of socks. Afterall, socks are sized 9-11. That should take care of things but I have one size 11 foot and one size 12 foot.

My daughter said to buy men’s socks. They’re cheaper and bigger. A sliding sock is either too small or too big. There ain’t no justice in the world!!!

Many times I gave up wearing socks all together. But my feet stuck to the insole of my shoes, and it didn’t feel too good. And my shoes start to take on an odor if I do that too much. For what I pay for my shoes, I need non-slip-down socks.

You can try on your shoes when you buy them but you can’t try on your socks. I realize that manufacturers don’t want people with smelly feet trying on socks. It’s bad enough that shoe salesmen have to endure slipping your foot into a new shoe.

When I was working, I didn’t have any trouble because I wore panty hose all of the time. I hated those things and in my retirement I was going to turn over a new leaf. I would get myself some cool socks to wear with slacks. Once in my life, I was going to be casual.

It seems like socks are made for the most dainty of gals. Small feet. Slim legs. I found out quite quickly, I wasn’t in the sock domain. I could spend a lot of money trying to find my fit, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

I loved all the pastel colors and cute designs for both spring and winter. I have a number of each and they occupy the top drawer of my dresser, waiting for my feet to shrink. They say as you lose weight, your feet will get smaller. I’m working on that theory, but it’s slow in coming.

For spring and summer, I decided to invest in some sandals so that I didn’t have to wear socks.

That decision has brought up another problem. My baby toe has been smashed and broken a number of times and it presents a problem. If the sandal has straps, my toe wants to jut out of the opening between straps. I hate to say this but I have ugly feet. Some sandals work and some don’t. Luckily, I have found a few that will get me through this coming season. I hate to tell you how much they cost.

In the meantime, I’m going to look for extra long socks, long in the foot. There is probably a manufacturer out there that is meant just for me. Someone in the organization has the “sock-slipping-into-the-shoe” syndrome and wants to save the world.

I may look fine but my sock is slipping into my shoe! Help!

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