‪Here we are at mid year and tomorrow is the 4th of July. Where has this year gone? To me, when it’s fireworks time, Christmas is just around the corner. ‬

‪When I was a kid, 4th of July was the beginning of summer. There were 2 months of swimming, roller skating, picnics and bugs to look forward to before school started. The calendar days didn’t disappear like a flash, because we were young, barefoot and free. There wasn’t a worry in the world. ‬

‪We can all wish to be back to that simpler time, but time marches on, as they say. The year is measured by the 4th of July. ‬

‪Families gather on the 4th of July to do something special. The flags fly on the 4th of July. It’s a happy day. ‬

‪It’s a holiday, the main one during the summer. That’s probably why we make the most of it. Three more holidays and it’s Christmas and winter. ‬

‪We associate the 4th of July with nice, hot weather. All the advertising about it features outdoor activities and mountains of food. The grill has center stage loaded down with hamburgers and hot dogs. What other holiday has that going on? ‬

‪Yes, 4th of July is extra-special. We’re celebrating our country, not the nice weather, hot dogs and hamburgers. We’re red, white and blue all over. ‬

‪Our forefathers knew nothing of hot dogs and hamburgers, grills, boating, fireworks and parades. They hammered out the lifeblood of a country. They established its meaning in the world. There was a resolve in their lives to form a more perfect union. ‬

‪And here we are. We celebrate that with the 4th of July. The year flies by but on one day we celebrate who we are as a nation. I hope everyone is thinking about that tomorrow. ‬

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