Angela Otts

Right now, lifelong learning is a plus. We’re home and we can delve into anything that we want.

I saw a documentary on TV the other night about the Indian Nations.

It was fascinating.

The Indians in this country had their nations all over the country and interacted with each other.

They traded along trails that they had set up. They had tribunals that governed their groups.

Their stories are so inspirational. Out of nothing except nature, they developed a lifestyle.

They made their clothing. They taught their children. They built their homes, whether they were tepees, long houses or mud huts. They took from where they were for their subsistence.

They made beautiful beaded clothing, feathered headdresses, blankets and jewelry.

They decorated pottery and painted history on cave walls. They carved their arrowheads and used fire.

They had dynamic leaders and strong women. They were resourceful.

I got to thinking that they had a nation before America was a nation. I must know about them and their history. In this time of crisis, I, like all of you, have time to learn more about those things that have been around us most of our lives. We have been taught in school and know about the cowboys and Indians.

But do we really know the culture and the means of their lives.

This thought is applicable to many things that we can explore.

For me, I’m going to learn more about all the Indian nations in this country…the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Lakota, Seminole, and more. We’re so lucky to have the computer to do all that.

If you’ve slowed down to a standstill, try lifelong learning. It’s a connection to society and life.

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