Judy D. Sims' son Chris went for a check-up in Birmingham. They kept him for a few days as he had excessive fluid. He was able to come home on the 28th. 

Frances Wrenn and Violet Heath of Bakers Chapel Baptist Church went with the Springers of Henryville United Methodist Church of Claysville. They went to eat at Papa Dubi's in Albertville. 

Chris Stewart and his mom and dad, Kate and Lewis Stewart, drove to Huntsville on January 31 in order for Chris to have surgery. They couldn't do the surgery for some unknown reason. They did not explain the reason why they couldn't. 

Violet Heath has 2 kittens that have adopted her. They are kept in the house, so she doesn't know how one of them escaped. It was gone nearly a week. Violet worried and looked all around the neighborhood, but she didn't find it. She was afraid it would get cold as the weather was cold and rained some. One day, she heard the neighbor's dog barking. She opened the door to see what the dog was barking at, and in came the missing kitten. It ran to the food bowl and ate as if it was starved. 

Frances Wrenn's granddaughter Amelia Wrenn celebrated her 12th birthday on January 31. Amelia plays basketball for the rec league at Grant. 

Larry Martin spent some time in Marshall North's hospital due to some heart problems. He is doing better and is back at home. 

Ernestine, Larry and Cathy Martin, Earl and Barbara Martin attended the concert of the Pickers at Guntersville First Baptist Church. They enjoyed the program very much. 

Trenton and Lexie Moore of Groton, Connecticut, are expecting a baby girl in June. Trenton is serving in the military. Needless to say, the Moore family is excited. 

There is an opening for the 4-year old preschool children's class at Claysville School. If interested, you may call the school at 256-582-4444.

Kate Stewart's niece, Gail Watkins from Sylacauga, has been taking care of her while she was sick. Kate is enjoying her visit. 

I decided to call some of my former high school classmates of 1952 to see if they were still living, as I haven't heard from them for several years. I called Oliver Peake, the millionaire, who lives in Houston, Texas. He has really done well, being from a large family and they farmed. Most of his brothers and one sister have died. Then I called Edward Butler of Tucker, Georgia. His mother died while he was a young age and his Uncle George and Aunt Annie Butler, who had no children, took him in and raised him. John Edward was a school teacher. He is well, walking 3 or 4 miles a day. 

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