Frances Wrenn and Violet Heath made a trip with the Henryville Springers to Danville, ate lunch, visited a bakery and then returned.

Frances Wrenn and Violet Heath visited Nancy McCoy at Redstone Village where she is taking therapy.

Rodger Horton’s best friend Bryce Click passed away from injuries he received in an automobile accident.

Rodger Horton’s sister, Meri D. Guthrie, died in Green Bay, Illinois. She was 73-years-old and passed away on the 7th of January.

Dulcie Wall’s niece Bonnie Walker paid her a visit.

Violet Heath’s sister Ossie Reid and brother Lonzo Jacks from Oxford, spent a night and day with her.

Judy D. Sims of Marina Road is especial proud of her grandson, C.J. Sims, son of Chris Sims. C.J. scored his 1,000 point in basketball in one season. It will go on the record books. He will be given the basketball to keep that he played with at DAR.

Catherine Cameron had a visit from her niece, Nancy Graham from Birmingham. Nancy brought Catherine lunch, enough for two meals.

Kay Anderton has just returned from a 4-week trip to Phoenix, Arizona, to spend Christmas with her sister. Her sister-in-law, Betty Todd, drove her to and from the airport in Huntsville.

Catherine Cameron’s daughter-in-law, Sandy Cameron, took her to the beauty shop and grocery store. She also brought Catherine her supper.

Did You Know?

In 1923, when Richard Drew joined 3M as an engineer, the company made only sandpaper. Drew was testing one of the 3M’s sandpapers at a local auto body ship when he noticed that workers found it difficult to make clean dividing lines on two-color paint jobs. This inspired Drew to look for a solution, despite direct orders from 3M’s president to devote his attention solely to sandpaper. Luckily, for 3M, he didn’t listen. In 1925, Drew invented the first masking tape, a 2-inch-wide tan paper with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Five years later he invented Scotch cellophane tape.

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