Becky and Wayne Whitaker are grandparents for the first time. Their son Adam and wife Amanda became the parents of a beautiful girl named Adalynn Grace Whitaker. Adalynn was born on March 10, weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and she was 20 inches long. She was born at Spring Hill Hospital in Grand Bay, Alabama. Violet Heath is the great-grandmother. Becky, Wayne and Violet drove down to see the new addition. They stayed a couple of days. 

Kay Anderton had an appointment with her heart doctor in Huntsville, but they postponed until April because of the coronavirus scare. 

Lyndsae Edwards and her children have lost 2 dogs in 3 days. The biggest dog, named Lily, was poisoned. The dog named Rosy was killed by a swiftly-moving work truck. He didn't even stop. Rosy died on the way to the vet's office. The children and their mother are very upset. 

Joy and Rodger Horton have a niece, Jessica Horton, who has a fever and been quarantined. She lives in Tennessee but is visiting relatives in Washington, Illinois. 

Leslie Moore had a bad week, suffering from the after effects of chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Her feet are also bothering her because the chemo has caused neuropathy. 

Frances Wrenn had a spell of vertigo as she was getting out of bed. She called family members, who came and gave her some of her medication. They helped her get out of bed. She is better. 

Judy D. Sims had a visit from her granddaughter, Kelsey Bell. She brought 2 of her 3 children, Addy and Kia. They drove to the State Park, hoping to see some deer. They only saw one. 

Nancy McCoy is still weak and not able to have her scheduled surgery. Nancy and Leon lost a niece due to death. She was Jan McCoy, who lived in Oneonta. She was the daughter of Leon's late brother, Billy and his wife Lee McCoy. She was cremated. 

Shirley Leslie, who is 97 years old, has a grandson, Neil Smith of Huntsville, to come get her grocery list and wouldn't come in because of the virus scare. She said he bought double of what she had on her list. Shirley recently attended the baby shower of her great-granddaughter, Payton Moore, in Huntsville. Payton is studying to become a pharmacist. 

I really enjoyed the letter written by the editor of The Advertiser-Gleam, concerning the coronavirus. That is exactly the way I feel. 

According to the news, the virus started in Wuhan, China. In November of 2018, my daughter, Gail and I visited the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Wuhan, plus a lot of other people were there at the same time. 

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