Nancy Gilbreath Graham visited Catherine Cameron at her house. Bobby and Sandy Cameron were there also.

Cindy Cameron has two baby kittens she is caring for; she had to put her oldest cat to sleep recently.

Violet Heath has three new cats. One is the mother cat and she brought her kittens with her. She is enjoying them.

My daughter Gail in Mobile has inherited two grown cats. She already had two small Chihuahua dogs and didn’t intend on getting any more pets. However, my sister Rena Hammett who recently passed away had taken these cats in when they came to her house as strays. The cats are mother and son “Bella and Butch.” Rena passed away while I have been sick and I wasn’t able to attend her funeral. She was the only sibling that I had left.

Lyndsae Edwards and her children, Camdyn, Malyea and Jordaine came by for a visit one day. I haven’t seen them since around the first of December so I had missed them greatly.

Judy Sims has still got her cat. There were several stray ones in the neighborhood and she was trying to find out who they belonged to without any success. Some were even going under the floor of my house so she blocked the entrance way to keep them out.

Malyea Edwards brought Catherine Cameron lunch on Friday. She brought two doughnuts and a piece of pizza and they sure were good.

I send my sympathies to Roxie Hill in the recent loss of her husband, Robert Hill.

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