Baker’s Chapel Baptist Church had an Easter Egg hunt on Wednesday night, April 23.

Catherine Cameron went to the podiatrist on Thursday. She cannot reach her toes.

Catherine Cameron has lost 25 pounds since she was sick. She did not mean to lose it. She has not driven yet.

Elizabeth Jeffries visited Catherine Cameron from Taylorsville, Kentucky.

Leslie and Shelby Moore are packing up to join their husband and dad in Kwajalein Island. Travis Moore really likes it there.

Kate Stewart’s back is still bothering her.

Lewis Stewart’s uncle has died in Tennessee.

Judy D. Sims made a trip to Arab to see her granddaughter Kinslee Sims play ball. Arab’s team won.

Martha Ann Bundy, Bobby Stewart, Donna and Dean Stewart, and Ronda Carr attended the funeral of their uncle, Kenneth Rymer in Altamont, Tennessee.

My good friend and neighbor, Clara Clark, died on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. She was 87 years old. Her survivors are Glenda Pannell, Judy Simpson, sons Roger McAllister and Billy Clark. She was a member of Northside Baptist Church of Claysville.

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