Dulcie Walls had a visit from 2 of her nieces, Bonnie Walker and Joy Nelly.

Catherine Cameron had some visitors, her son, Philip Cameron and his wife, Cindy, and her nephew, Tony Sullivan and his daughter, Adriana and her husband, Sam Sharples on Labor Day. Adriana brought her “Aunt Cat” some flowers and some food. Catherine’s niece, Nancy Graham from Birmingham, visited on Thursday and also on Saturday. They are enjoying some genealogy.

Frances Wrenn and her family ate at her house on Labor Day. The young people had fun in the pool.

Violet Heath had her daughter, Becky Whitaker and her husband, Wayne, to eat with her at her home on Labor Day.

While in Guntersville, last week, I saw Kenny Moore. Kenny knows everybody in town and still walks everywhere. He is happy that he has defeated cancer. Kenny now works for Steve at Haralson Drugs.

Sandy Cameron, my daughter-in-law, took me to the doctor to remove the stitches in my knee. I have another week’s supply of antibiotic to take. Sandy brought her sister-in-law, Shelia Miza, from Keel Mountain with her.

The new residents at Barfield Health Care are Millie Jones and Clarence Leslie. September is World Alzheimer’s Month. The day is September 21st.

Grandparents Day was Sunday, September 9. Did you remember?

Violet Heath had a visit from her grandson, Andy Whitaker, on Saturday, Sept. 8. They went shopping. Violet’s son, Billy Heath, in Columbus, Mississippi, had a problem with an eye.

Did You Know?

Ever wonder why the word “flour” is pronounced exactly like the same word “flower.” Flour is derived from the French word flower, which is fleur. The French use the word to describe the most desirable (or flowery) protein rich part of a grain after processing removes the hull. Because most of our food terminology comes from the French, we still bake and make sauces with wheat which we call flour.

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