Ada and Jerry Harbin had a weekend visit from their son, Jarod, and his sons, Trey and Jacob.

Several members of Bakers Chapel Baptist Church attended the Atlanta Braves vs. the Dodgers game in Atlanta. The Dodgers won 4-to-1. Those making the trip were Terry Sharpe, Travis Moore, Trenton Moore, Leslie Moore and Shelby Moore and Shelby’s friend, Sarah Kate Lynch. Also going were Tracy Burrage, Talon Gurley, Brenton Meeks, Marty Richardson, Eric Mason, Melissa Mason, Brylee, Trevor, and Avery.

Ada Harbin hosted a bridal shower for Rachel Hickey of Decatur, at her home. Rachel is the granddaughter of J.W. Clark of Bakers Chapel Lane. Rachel will be marrying Matt Hartsfield on October 6th in Decatur.

At Bakers Chapel Baptist Church, we have a young man that we are especially proud of. He has been a lifeguard at the Baptist Camp for the last 2 summers. He has all kind of life-saving training from the Red Cross. He is now working as a busboy at a Guntersville restaurant. A lady was choking and her husband was trying to help, but to no avail.

Trenton Moore stepped up and asked politely, “May I help, as I have been trained for this?”

The husband turned loose and Trenton was able to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. The lady thanked Trenton profusely for saving her life.

The T.V. and Mattie Moore family reunion was on the 26th of August. Lots of folks attended.

Bobby and Sandy Cameron brought his mother home from a visit to Mobile to visit her daughter. While in Mobile, Catherine had a fall on the rug in front of Walmart. I am improving, but I have a ways to go. My knee has gotten infected and my doctor is having me to start all over, with medicine and such. I may be able to have my stitches removed in another week.

Frances Wrenn, Violet Heath and Terry Sharpe visited Catherine Cameron after she returned home.

Henryville United Methodist Church is seeking vendors for its annual holiday bazaar to be held on November 17th from 9 until 1. Call Brenda Smith at 256-582-2681 or 256-738-9121.

Did You Know?

Did you ever wonder about those little sticks that are called emery boards? We tuck them away in our drawers and then can’t find one when needed. Emery is a natural mixture of corundum and magnetite. Diamond is the only mineral harder than corundum. Sapphires and rubies are also varieties of corundum. Makes it easy to understand why a manicurist’s magazine would urge to treat their nails like jewels, not tools. Emery boards were introduced in 1910.

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