Loyce Winton's twin sister, Joyce Hobbs of Altamont, Tennessee, has lost a grandson, who was born dead. All the family and friends, who live in various areas are saddened. 

Tracy Burrage attended a 3-day conference in Birmingham for her work. Tracy is a supervisor for DHR. 

Kay Anderton had a birthday on July 26. Some of her Sunday school class members helped her celebrate by picking up food and a birthday cake. They ate at the picnic table at the church. Those that participated were Frances Wrenn, Catherine Cameron, Violet Heath, Becky Whitaker and Kay Anderton. 

Nancy McCoy has not had to have blood for 4 weeks. Previously, she was getting blood every other week. Those who love Nancy are happy about that. 

Catherine Cameron's oldest son Bobby Cameron, of Arab, celebrated his 62nd birthday on July 24. It doesn't seem possible. Catherine Cameron's niece, Nancy Graham of Birmingham, came to help her organize things in her house, after carpet was installed. She was great help, since I have to use a walker and can't maneuver too well. 

Wanda Poole is not improved, according to her caregiver, her brother, Wayne Selvage. 

Shirley Leslie's grandson of Huntsville, Neil Smith, visited her. He went to the grocery store for her. Another grandson, Chris Thornton, was 55 years old on July 25. 

Frances Wrenn, Catherine Cameron, Violet Heath and Thelma Simmons attended the Whole Backstage production of "Elvis Has Left the Building" on Friday night. 

Beth Hilliard's brother Tracee Baddley of Ooltweah, Tennessee, is still very ill, not able to work, in a lift chair at home, and is not able to walk. His hip was removed and in the process, a femur was broken and then he got an infection. 

Kay Anderton's nephew, Rodney Anderton, age 55, has died of the COVID-19 virus. His funeral was at New Hope Funeral Home on July 25. 

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