Duke is this week's Marshall County Animal Shelter Dog of the Week. 

Duke is this week’s highlight from the Marshall County Animal Control Shelter. He is a big, muscular boy who will need someone strong enough to continue his leash training.

He loves to play with people and other dogs, but he is affectionate and very gentle in his mannerism. Duke is a young adult, not a barker, doesn’t look for trouble, and is showing signs of being house trained. He is a big lovable guy who will make a great and loyal companion. He will be neutered and vaccinated before adoption.

Now, as we approach Thanksgiving and most of us are reflecting on our blessings, let’s talk about volunteerism. There are many different reasons for it, but for us, shelter volunteers, it’s all about the dogs. Alabama is behind the curve when it comes to spay/neuter laws and other animal regulations. Some areas are not even aware of the possibility of being no-kill, meaning adopting out dogs or transferring them to rescue groups instead of euthanizing healthy animals.

All that results in a never ending supply of stray dogs and a ticking clock to get them out of the shelters. Yes, volunteering is time consuming, sometimes heartbreaking, and we get dirty, but we get to watch dogs who come to the shelter scared, injured, unsocial, malnourished, or hairless become beautiful, loving animals who make perfect lifelong companions. Talk about being thankful, the look on their faces when they realize they’ve been adopted is our holy grail.

We are thankful for the other volunteers, the adopters, the rescue organizations, the donors, the media and websites who help us share our stories and promote our dogs, and last but not least, for the dogs and their unconditional love.

The shelter is not a good fit for everyone, but the opportunities in every community are endless, so if you want to be the reason someone else is thankful, please consider volunteering.

To schedule a meet and greet with Duke or any other of our dogs, or to volunteer at the shelter, please call Mary at 256-960-1408.

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